Baby Exams

Having your little one see Dr. Kailey in the early development of their dentition is important. These early visits allow Dr. Kailey to identify any abnormalities in the growth of the skeletal bones, dentition, and soft tissue. Early identification of oral problems and early intervention can allow minimally invasive treatment or prevention of problems that would otherwise require extensive work.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit a dentist to receive an initial dental exam within six months of when their first tooth erupts. These first dental visits are designed to establish a dental home and help your child begin developing positive associations with visiting the dentist.

Here is what to expect during your little one’s first baby visit:

The dental staff will greet you and your little one when you arrive.
We will review the health, dental, and family history or your infant.
Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Kailey, will address any concerns and ask questions about the infant’s oral habits, diet, and general development.
Dr. Kailey will do a gentle exam of your child’s teeth and gums while your child is laid back in your lap.
Following the oral exam, Dr. Kailey will give an in-depth description of your child’s oral health, which teeth are present, and any other findings noted in the exam. She will also create a custom plan to help prevent cavities and oral problems based on your child’s individual needs.  

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