Cosmetic Dentistry

Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Kailey, is passionate about delivering beautiful, esthetic, and functional smiles. Every white filling is a work of art for her. Dr. Kailey researches and practices the latest cosmetic treatments to allow her patients to receive the best esthetic results with minimally invasive techniques. Being up to date in pediatric cosmetic dentistry allows Dr.  Kailey to give her patients a healthy smile that boosts their self esteem and allows them to smile with confidence. Cosmetic treatments are great for correcting the following issues commonly found in the pediatric population:
Broken, chipped, fractured, or cracked teeth
Unwanted gaps and spaces between teeth
Discolored teeth
Uneven or misaligned teeth
Teeth that appear too long, short, or pointed
Misshapen teeth
White, brown, or yellow spots on teeth

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